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Wireless temperature measurer

Wireless temperature measurer

The device of TM8-01K with 8 channels is mainly used in soldering system or re-flow oven system to measure temperature of the cared point. It can measure a high thermal device such as soldering and re-flow oven system accurately by its high-performance and high-precise technology. It has many characteristics such as small volume, simple operation, easy to carry, strong functions in software, stable performance, robust body, and so on. It can also provide the real-time data, which can be used to improve weld technology and to analyze a curve of temperature.

Wireless temperature measurer:

Fig. 1 Wireless temperature measurer

Fig. 2 Hardware device

Fig. 3 The screen with the analytical functions variously.

Technical ratings:

Technical characteristics:

         ◆ Measured points up to 8 at the same time;

         ◆ Monitoring the temperature in text box on line;

         ◆ Operating frequency: 433MHz; transmitting distance (no obstacle ) :500m;

         ◆ Transmitting data wire-less and observing a temperature changing on line;

         ◆ Measuring accuracy at ±0.5℃;

         ◆ Covered in stainless steel to keep the measurer normal;

         ◆ The number of data is more than 30,000 points;

         ◆ Measuring time can be set from one minute to 100 minutes;

         ◆ Using standard K-type thermoelement;

         ◆ Used for many high thermal devices such as the soldering or re-flow oven system;

         ◆ Changing of temperature rapidly can be shown by its taking data at higher rate;

         ◆ Chinese, English or Japanese can be used on the operating platform;

         ◆ Simulation functions calculates temperatures at different zones to form a curve accurately;

         ◆ USB2.0 port as a charging power;

         ◆ Built-in high-performance antenna;